10 reasons to use Fundky for your fundraising campaign

It doesn’t matter if you are a charity, nonprofit or business, Fundky has a solution for you! 🤩


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Here are 10 reasons why Fundky is the perfect tool for your online fundraising and events.


Top 10 overview :

  1. With Fundky, you are autonomous
  2. An all-in-one solution
  3. Extremely fast
  4. It’s very user-friendly 
  5. A bilingual solution
  6. It involves your community
  7. Broaden your member base
  8. Fundky grows with you
  9. It connects with other systems
  10. A free version & plans for everyone



1. With Fundky, you are self-sufficient

Have full control with a user-friendly interface! No need to wait for a technician’s help anymore: we have created solutions that empower you to create and manage your campaigns, customize your platform, add offline donations, generate donation receipts and much more… yourself! 👍


We’re still here to help 👋

If you need assistance, the Fundky Help Center is very thorough and will answer your questions with articles, images and even videos! If you still have questions or need further help, our support team will be happy to assist you. With service in English and French, we are always there for you! ❤️


We also post regularly on social media, whether it’s to share our latest news, some tips and tricks or inspiration from other #fundkyfam members.


🙋You can join the fun by clicking the links below! 



2. An all-in-one solution

At Fundky, there’s a solution for everyone! From traditional fundraising (donation forms, auctions, ticket sales, etc.) to the latest trends (charity streams, virtual and hybrid events, interactive peer-to-peer campaigns), Fundky really does have it all for your online fundraising. 🤑


Fundky offers many solutions:

  • The Fundky Platform: a complete fundraising site customized to your brand!
    • Donations
    • Events
    • Fundraising campaigns
    • Third-party campaigns
    • And more!


  • Fundky LIVE: the only Canadian site dedicated to virtual video fundraising!

  • Virtual auction: put your items up for auction and let people bid live from their phone, tablet or computer!


  • Ticketing
    • Sell tickets on Fundky LIVE to host paid and private live events



Plus, the Fundky Connect account lets you manage everything in one place! To learn more about Fundky Connect, read this article.



3. It’s extremely fast

Are you in a hurry and need to create your campaign or event quickly?

With Fundky, everything is extremely fast and simple :

        👉 Your platform is created in less than 24 hours and it will only take you a few minutes to customize it.

        👉 Creating your campaign will take you less than 5 minutes! 

        👉 Making a donation is super fast. With Fundky Connect, the process is even faster since all your information is already saved in your account. Fundky’s donation process is also certified extremely safe with our PCI-DSS certification.

        👉 Creating a video fundraising campaign on Fundky LIVE takes just a few minutes. In less than an hour, you’ll be ready to go live and get donations going! 


And since Fundky is fully bilingual, all pages are automatically translated by the system. All you have to do is add your own text.

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4. Fundky is user-friendly and easy to get accustomed to

Fundky Connect, your ally to find everything in one place! Fundky Connect is how we called the Fundky account. We use the term “Connect” because your Fundky account is valid for all Fundky tools, such as the Fundky Platform and Fundky LIVE. This means that you can log in everywhere using the same information!

Whether it’s your personal details (email address, name, etc.), your transactions (donations, tickets) or your campaigns, everything is gathered in your account.


Administrators: all reports, member data, transactions and much more can also be found within the same account. Convenient, isn’t it?


Issue donation receipts automatically

With Fundky, authorized organizations can issue donation receipts automatically. Tax receipts can easily be activated with just a click! They are customized with your organization’s information and logo. 

Good to know: If a ticket price is a full donation or includes a donation amount, you can issue receipts for ticket sales!

Here’s an example of a donation receipt on Fundky:


5. A bilingual solution

Whether it’s the Fundky Platform, Fundky LIVE or all of our services, our sites are always available in multiple languages.

Even if Fundky is available in several languages, you can still use it in only one language. The system automatically translates all parts of the site (call-to-action buttons, general sections, etc.).

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6. It involves your community

The Fundky Platform allows you to create 4 types of multilevel campaigns, with or without participants:

  • Single donation page
  • Campaign with participants
  • Campaign with teams and participants
  • Campaign with teams and participants, plus solo participants

These last 3 types allow you to involve your community and that of your participants. In fact, a person is more likely to donate to someone they know from near or far, than to a general cause.

Simply choose the perfect campaign type for your event! 🥳


Third-party campaigns: let others get involved for you!

On the Fundky Platform, you also have the ability to enable third-party campaigns. These campaigns allow people outside your organization to create campaigns for you directly on your platform.

Donations raised by your third parties are sent directly to your bank account without you having to do anything!


Third-party campaigns are very effective to involve as many people as possible, and therefore raise a maximum of donations. Third parties also give you greater visibility! 

More on third-party campaigns



7. Broaden your member base

Thanks to #6, your third parties will bring you more future donors.

Fundky has thought about your communications and your community: links to your social media are displayed on the Contact page of your platform, each campaign has its own unique and customizable URL to share on social media, and sharing icons are visible on all campaigns.

Digital is a powerful way to reach people who wouldn’t otherwise come to a physical event (distance, illness, discomfort, schedule, etc.).

For more tips on how to get the word out about your campaign, check out this article.



8. Fundky grows with you

It’s important for us to collect your impressions and comments, so we make sure to listen to you and to carry out your requests as best as possible. Depending on your needs, your objectives and your budget, we will do our best to meet your expectations!

Fundky evolves with you because no matter if you are less or more busy at certain times of the year, the platform is totally flexible and unlimited. It simply adapts to your organization! And that goes for members, campaigns, transactions and much more.

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What if your needs change? Fundky changes with you!

There is no contract: you can decide if you want to change your plan for the next month, if you have more activities in the Fall than in the Summer, for example.

Learn more about our plans on our website.



9. Fundky is open to other systems

At Fundky, we know that you often work with different tools. Reconciling them can sometimes become complex! That’s why Fundky offers the ability to connect with external tools through its Zapier connections. This reduces management between different sites by transferring your data from Fundky in a completely automatic way.


What is Zapier?

Zapier is a system that allows you to automate tasks in a simple way. Zapier does not require any knowledge of code to program tasks that will be performed automatically between two tools. You just have to choose an action that will trigger a task. For example, you can make sure that every time a member is added to your Fundky Platform, that person’s information is automatically saved in your personal CRM. 

Fundky is available on Zapier for any type of zap (connection) like with Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Contact us to learn more! 😏



10. A free version (and plans for everyone!)

Because every organization is different, whether in terms of needs, target or budget, we offer several plans that are designed to suit any type of organization, regardless of their size.

  • The Fundky Platform offers a free plan and paid plans depending on your needs.
  • Registering and using Fundky LIVE is free!  

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Discover our pricing.



In conclusion, Fundky is the most complete, simple, user-friendly and least expensive fundraising solution on the market. 

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