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No matter what type of fundraising event you’re organizing, Fundky offers a plethora of features to meet your organization’s needsand even more!  Discover our features and find what’s right for you regarding fundraising campaigns, donations, registrations, data reports and more.

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Donation management

Access all the important information related to transactions made on your website:

  • Payer and recipient
  • Transaction amount
  • Date and time
  • And more!

*Available with the Donation Receipts plugin.

  • Donation receipts issued automatically or manually

Issue receipts automatically: donation receipts are attached to the transaction confirmation email in the PDF format. 

Issue receipts manually: get all the data you need in order to create and issue receipts later. 

  • Create, replace or cancel donation receipts
  • Donation receipts history
  • Choose if a specific campaign issues receipts automatically or not
  • Easily add donations received offline (cash or checks) in your site’s administration. 
  • The offline donations amount is calculated in your website’s donation thermometer.

Easily change the recipient of a donation

  • In cases where the donor chose the wrong recipient 
  • In cases where the recipient needs to be changed, but the donation has already been made

Offer your donors the option to give to your organization on a monthly basis.  The monthly donation process is fully automated!

  • Quick and easy process for users and administrators
  • Donations are automatically debited each month
  • Donors can choose to donate on the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month
  • All donations saved in your account

Our Monthly Donations feature is free and included in all Fundky Platform plans! Request it now by contacting our team.

To learn more about monthly giving on Fundky, visit this page of our website.

  • Customize the amounts suggested to donors during the donation process
  • Choose the 4 suggested amounts
  • Donors can always enter the amount of their choice

Limit the visibility of donations.

  • Show every information (donor’s name and donation amount)
  • Hide the donor’s name and donation amount, but calculate the donation amount in the total raised.

Campaign management

  • 4 types of campaign to suit all your fundraising events:
    • Single donation page (ex.: raise money to help people affected by a natural disaster)
    • Campaign with single participants (ex.: marathon, chess tournament)
    • Campaign with teams and participants (in teams. Ex.: hockey tournament)
    • Campaign with teams and single participants (ex: scavenger hunt, alone or in teams)

To learn more about our campaign types, click here!

  • Choose the goal amount ($)
  • Name the campaign and add a written description
  • Add a cover banner (image or video)

Create a custom event page where you can collect donations.

  • Unique event page
  • Choose if buyers can register as a team and/or participant to fundraise
  • Specify the date and time of your event
  • Add a custom banner and description
  • Sell tickets for paid or exclusive access
  • Offer paid registration linked to ticket purchase (teams and/or participants)

Offer multiple tickets for sale on a custom page. You can use ticket sales to sell event access, sponsorships, promotional items and more!

Ticket sales are available for free on the Fundky Platform.

  • Unique and personalized page
  • Create an unlimited number of tickets
  • Customize your tickets (title, description, price and more)
  • Choose how the ticket price is divided:
    • 100% of the price is a donation
    • donation amount + advantage amount
    • no donation amount
    • free ticket
  • Link your tickets to registrations
    • Allow people to register as a team or participant
    • Offer paid and/or free registration
    • Allow participants to raise funds online with their own personalized page linked to your event!

Learn more about the Tickets module

  • Adapt the campaign’s description and cover banner to suit the page’s language
  • 100% bilingual page content (French and English)
  • Set an end date to a campaign
  • Close registrations on a certain date
  • Close donations on a certain date
Campaign closure

When the campaign reached its end date, a “finished campaign” page is displayed and sums up the campaign.  

  • Limit the visibility of a campaign to make it public or private
  • Each campaign has a manager
  • Possibility of changing the campaign manager during the campaign

Customize the URL address of campaign pages

Participant ranking

When multiple teams or participants are registered to a campaign, they are ranked at different positions (#1, #2 and #3) based on how much money they’ve raised. The gamification of campaign pages encourages participants to share their page and raise funds faster, in order to rank in a higher position. 

  • Close registrations: determine a specific date when registrations are disabled. Once this date is reached, no one can register to the campaign.
  • Limit the number of teams and participants: you can set a maximum number of teams and participants in a campaign. Once this maximum number is reached, no one can register to the campaign. If no limit is set, an unlimited number of teams and participants can join your campaign.
  • Activate third-party campaigns and let your community create fundraising campaigns directly on your website. Raise funds for your organization much faster!

*For more information, see the Third-party campaigns section below.

Third-party campaigns

Third-party campaigns are campaigns created by your community directly on your Fundky platform. All the funds raised by your members are collected by your organization. Third-party campaigns are a highly efficient way of raising more money faster while getting your supporters involved with your cause!

Third-party campaigns are included in selected Fundky packages. See all our plans here. To learn more about third-party campaigns, visit our blog.

  • 2 approval systems are available. Campaigns created by your members can either be pre-approved or require your approval before their publication. 

Fore more information on Fundky’s approval systems, click here.

  • Add your organization’s guidelines regarding third-party campaigns. Your members must comply with these guidelines when they get involved with your cause. 

Click here to learn more about the organization guidelines.

Third-party campaigns have the same settings as your organization’s campaigns. To learn more about these settings, refer to the Campaign management section above.

Registration management

  • A participant can join a campaign by participating alone or in a team, depending on the campaign type. 
  • Participant approval: the approval can either be done automatically or manually. Choose whether registered participants are pre-approved or if they must be approved by a team captain first. 
  • Each participant has its own donation thermometer. The total amount raised by a participant is calculated in the campaign’s global thermometer (and the team’s thermometer, if applicable).
  • A member can create their own team or join an existing team, depending on the campaign type.
  • Each team has its own captain. You can assign a captain and change the captain whenever you want to.
  • Team approval: the approval can either be done automatically or manually. Choose whether registered teams are pre-approved or if they must be approved by your team first.
  • Each team has its own donation thermometer. The total amount raised by a team is calculated in the campaign’s global thermometer.

Member management

  • See all the members registered on your platform and their information, even before they get involved by making a donation or participating in a campaign.
  • See all the contributions made by your members.
  • See all your members’ participations.
  • See all your members’ donation receipts.
  • With Fundky Connect, your members can save a personal address and a corporate address in their profile. Once they’ve added and saved their addresses, the related information (number and street, postal code, etc.) is automatically  pre-filled when making a donation, for example.
  • Saved addresses are easily accessible and can be edited by the user in their administration interface.

Change the campaign managers and team captains in only a few clicks.

Website management

Your Fundky platform is 100% responsive (designed to fit mobile devices and tablets), offering a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Your website is fully bilingual in both French and English: public pages, administration and communications sent to your members (emails).

  • Add your organization’s logo to your Fundky website.
  • Choose the 2 main colours that will be reflected on your site, like on call-to-action buttons and some icons. And much more!
  • Customize your platform’s homepage:
    • Add the visual content of your choice in the slideshow. 
    • Add a presentation title and description. 
    • Edit the Featured campaigns section. Choose the campaigns that will appear in this section on your site’s homepage. 
  • Add your own refund policy.

No matter how many members there are in your team, do not pay any additional fees to add administrators to your Fundky website. This feature is included in all of our plans!

  • Add your organization’s social media profiles on your platform. By clicking on a social media icon, the user is redirected to your organization’s page on this social media platform.
  • Easily share fundraising campaigns created on your platform using the social media sharing tools integrated on your site.

Manage the configuration of your plugins directly on your platform. To see all the available plugins, click here!


Choose if the money raised is deposited into your organization’s bank account daily, weekly or monthly.

  • The reports summarize the money transfers made from our payment processor WePay to your linked bank account.
  • Download your reports through your platform’s administration in only a few clicks.
  • Download reports of the transactions made on your platform through your site’s administration, in only a few clicks!
  • Reports are downloaded directly on your device and can easily be managed using tools like Excel (Office), Numbers (MAC) and Google Sheets.


All transactions made on your platform are secured. Fundky is proud to partner with WePay to provide its users with a safe and secure payment environment. See our Security page for more information!

Fundky is proud to be PCI-DSS certified. This certification, delivered by the PCI Security Standards Council, proves our diligence regarding the storage, processing and transmission of payment card holder data. For a secure and worry-free experience! For more information, visit our Security page.

Fundky uses strong encryption methods and key management procedures to ensure your sensitive information is protected. See our Security page for more information!

Fundky Connect

With Fundky Connect, Fundky members can register and log in on every platform of the Fundky network using a single account. This way, member’s data is centralized, facilitating data access and management.

Fundky members can join every platform of the Fundky network using the same login information. One email address and one password, no matter where you are in the network.

The Fundky account centralizes the information of a member to facilitate data access and management. This information includes a member’s profile information, transactions and participations in campaigns among others.

All Fundky members can save their addresses in their Fundky account for a super fast donation and registration process. Members can save a personal and a corporate address. For example, when making a donation, the member’s information is automatically pre-filled in the right fields. To learn more about saved addresses, visit our blog!

The donation receipts of a member are available in their Fundky account. They can download the receipts in one click to save them on their device.

Every transaction made by a member is registered and shown in their Fundky account. The member’s transaction history is also available.

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