Easily involve your organization’s community using third-party campaigns

First of all, let’s define what a third party is: it’s simply a person or a group outside of your organization. 

Third parties are a very important asset to your organization. They can promote your cause to a community outside your organization. In other words, think of third parties as a bridge between potential supporters and your organization. Not only can third parties reach a ton of people very fast, they also bring new people. 

If you hear for the first time about an organization, who would you trust more? Your friend telling you about an organization they love, or the same organization reaching out to you directly? The answer is simple, and it’s also exactly why you should consider leveraging third parties when it comes to growing your community.

Your donors, volunteers and your partners all act as third parties for your organization: and they want to get involved with your cause! Some of them give their birthday as a gift and others even organize an event benefiting your organization. You work hard to build your community, and it wants to work hard for you as well!

Tools for fundraising

The only damper is: when somebody creates their “birthday as a gift” campaign through Facebook or organizes an event with Eventbrite for example, your organization is missing some information from the donors, managing donation receipts can get hard… and even if their initiative benefits your cause, it can also create more work for your organization. At Fundky, we have a solution for you!

Let your supporters work for you

Grow your online (and offline!) community with third-party campaigns!

By activating third-party campaigns on your Fundky platform, everyone who wishes to create a fundraising campaign for your organization can do it in less than 5 minutes. 

The automated system lets anyone who wants to create a fundraiser for your cause to do so in just a few clicks. 

Managing campaigns based on your organization’s guidelines

Two entirely automated systems are available for your organization when it comes to third-party campaigns. Depending on the time and resources you have, as well as your criterias, you can choose between approving your members campaigns before they go public, or automatically approving their campaigns as soon as they are submitted. 

The first system requires you to approve any fundraising campaign created on your platform. This means your team verifies and approves every campaign that appears on your Fundky website prior to its publication. This system provides greater control on fundraising campaigns created for your organization. Your members need to wait for your approbation before they can share their campaign with their network. 

If you prefer spending less time managing campaigns created on your platform, you can always choose the second system, which automatically pre-approves every campaign. This means that when a user creates a campaign on your platform, you will be notified by email. However the campaign will automatically be published on your platform. Despite the campaigns being pre-approved, you will always have the power to hide or delete any campaign that wouldn’t comply with your organization’s guidelines even once it’s been published. 

System  1 – Requires the organization’s approval before the publication

  • Provides greater control over campaigns;
  • Requires a bit more management and resources from your organization;
  • You can always remove a campaign, even after approving it at first if it doesn’t comply with your guidelines anymore. 

System 2 – Automatically pre-approves all campaigns

  • Your members don’t need to wait for your approval before they can share their campaigns with their network;
  • Requires less management and resources from your organization;
  • You can always remove any campaign that doesn’t fit your guidelines, even after they’ve been created. 

No matter what system your organization prefers, third-party campaigns are an absolute must to involve your community, get your message out there and most importantly, raise funds much faster to push your mission forward!

Say goodbye to phone calls and contact forms to evaluate fundraising campaigns

On Fundky, third-party campaigns also mean:

  • No need for an online form, email or phone call anymore (yes, you read it right, and we’re as happy as you are!);
  • Your members can create fundraising campaigns benefiting your organization in no time;
  • You can easily approve or decline campaigns created based on your guidelines and criterias!

And for your members? 

  • Donation receipts are automatically issued, except if you prefer not issuing receipts for a specific campaign; it’s your choice! 
  • People are sure that their money truly goes directly to the cause and that their payments are made on a secure website everyone is reassured!
  • Your members make their mark on your platform. 

The most secure option

With crowdfunding getting more and more popular, some malicious individuals use this method as a way to raise money for something that isn’t necessarily what they advertised during the fundraiser. With your Fundky platform, your members raise funds directly on your secure website and all donations go directly into your organization’s bank account!

Your Fundky platform is a safe and secure place for your members and their data. Plus, you keep full control on your website while having all of your members’ data in one single place!

Centralized data? Check.
Happy and reassured members? Check.
Simplified life? Check!



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