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Fundky LIVE is a coronavirus-proof solution to raise funds online in a fun and interactive way!

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An innovative way to online!

Fundky LIVE is our new live streaming-fundraising platform.

Any event you might have planned, you can stream it online on Fundky LIVE and receive donations at the same time

✅ A fast and easy-to-use covid-proof fundraising solution

✅ A fun and gamified donation experience

✅ A fun interactive platform where donors can engage with your organization

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Engage with your viewers and

There are many ways to interact on Fundky LIVE :

Add incentives to mark important steps in your fundraiser and encourage donations.

Viewers can choose a clan when donating to state which side they’re on.

Get in on the conversation! Viewers can interact with each other in the live chat.

Livestream from anywhere in the 

Types of events you can do on Fundky LIVE: anything that can be live streamed!

Some more traditional fundraising events that could be brought online:

  • A comedy show
  • A talent show
  • An artistic performance, such as singing or dancing
  • Gaming community: stream your favorite games and gameplay
  • Broadcasting your bingo live


1️⃣ Register your organization on Fundky LIVE

2️⃣ Let a streamer pick your cause OR live stream your own event

3️⃣ Receive funds directly in your bank account

4️⃣ Charities: automatically send official donation receipts 


1️⃣ Register on Fundky LIVE 

2️⃣ Choose the organization for which you are fundraising

3️⃣ Create your charity stream

4️⃣ Start streaming and connect with your community!

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Join the Fundky LIVE 

 ✅ It’s free

 ✅ It’s 100% bilingual in French and English

 ✅ Rally younger donors

 ✅ Grow your organization’s supporter base

 ✅ Join a growing community of organizations

 ✅ Fully manage Canadian donation receipts

✅ Take advantage of some of the lowest transaction fees on the market (4% Fundky LIVE + 2.9% + $0.30 payment gateway)

 ✅ Make it fun for your donors to support your organization

 ✅ Made by Canadians for Canadians ❤️