Monthly Donation

Monthly Giving

The monthly donation option you’ve always dreamed of.

Easy & quick setup.

Allow your community to make monthly donations to your organization. With the Fundky Platform, all processes and payments are handled automatically. This means less management for you, and more money for your cause!

Monthly Giving on Fundky
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A process

With Fundky, donors can start donating monthly to your organization in minutes.

Automatic and user-friendly 4-step process
Automated payments on a monthly basis
Choose when the payment takes place
History of payment invoices and receipts
Fast and secure payment
Access your account anytime, from anywhere

Monthly donation process step 1 : contribution details
Monthly Donations member admin history

Save time with payments

Automated payments, donation receipts, emails — Fundky handles it all so you can focus on your day-to-day business. 

Fundky’s user-friendly interface make it easy for admins and donors to manage and make monthly donations. All payments are made automatically every month. Keep your history and payments receipts all in your Fundky Connect account.

Retain donors &

Offer your donors an option to support your cause on a regular basis.

Expand your donor base
Increase and guarantee revenue on a monthly basis
Embed a link to donate monthly on your website
Identify your long-term supporters

and included in

Monthly giving is available at no cost. Whether you are a registered charity, a non-profit organization or a company, you can take advantage of recurring donations with Fundky. Just ask our team and we’ll take care of setting you up!

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Ask your

Try Fundky’s Monthly Giving feature for yourself and see the magic in action.


Contact us to see how Fundky can help your organization!