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Monthly donations have arrived on the Fundky Platform!

  This moment has been eagerly awaited.  No need to jump through hoops: monthly donations are available NOW on the Fundky Platform!   Source : Your Happy Workplace on Giphy   If 2021 has brought its share of challenges to the philanthropic world (and, above all, a need to transform!), at Fundky, we have seized…

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Monthly donations with the Fundky Platform

Sell tickets on the Fundky Platform

  You can now buy and sell tickets on the Fundky Platform! 🎟   You’ve been waiting for this moment. It’s finally here! 🤩 You can already sell tickets for your video events on Fundky LIVE; now you can also host events that require a ticket purchase on the Fundky Platform!  Whether your events are…

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NEW – Manage and export members on the Fundky Platform

🥳.  Two new member features are now available on the Fundky Platform! • You can now view and manage all your members in a single place • Export your list of members in one click About members on Fundky With Fundky Connect, members who create an account have it all in one place: their campaign…

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Third-party guidelines: leading your community to benefit your cause

Third-party guidelines let you communicate your organization’s standards regarding fundraising campaigns created by your members,  while giving tips and fundraising advice to your community. What are third-party guidelines? Your community would like to help you raise funds for your cause? That’s great! Now, it’s your turn to help them better understand who you are as…

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Les directives des tierces parties

Fundraisers: the different types of campaign

Fundky provides a ton of campaign options to suit all your fundraising events! No matter what fundraising event you are organizing, Fundky offers various types of campaign to provide you with the best experience possible. Let’s start with a few examples of fundraising events: Soccer tournament (teams); Marathon; Yoga class (single participants); Fundraiser to help…

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The 4 different types of campaign on Fundky