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10 reasons to use Fundky for your fundraising campaign

It doesn’t matter if you are a charity, nonprofit or business, Fundky has a solution for you! 🤩   Source: Giphy Here are 10 reasons why Fundky is the perfect tool for your online fundraising and events.   Top 10 overview : With Fundky, you are autonomous An all-in-one solution Extremely fast It’s very user-friendly …

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Live streaming: using stream overlays to maximize donations

  Live streaming, donations, overlays… that’s a lot of concepts in one title! But don’t worry, because in reality, it’s pretty simple. 👇    📌  What is a stream overlay? 📌  And for a charity stream? 📌  Why use overlays during a live stream? 📌  The different stream overlays on Fundky LIVE Donation Alerts The…

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Stream overlays on Fundky LIVE

8 pro tips to boost your crowdfunding campaign

You’ve created your online crowdfunding campaign or you’re about to do so. Now, to raise funds, you need to let potential donors know about your initiative!   When creating an online fundraising campaign, it’s important to communicate with as many people as possible in order to familiarize them with your project, get them involved and…

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