Fundraisers: the different types of campaign

The 4 different types of campaign on Fundky

Fundky provides a ton of campaign options to suit all your fundraising events!

No matter what fundraising event you are organizing, Fundky offers various types of campaign to provide you with the best experience possible.

Let’s start with a few examples of fundraising events:

  • Soccer tournament (teams);
  • Marathon;
  • Yoga class (single participants);
  • Fundraiser to help people affected by a natural disaster (single donation page);
  • Crossing of a river (participants);
  • Car wash day (teams);
  • Fashion show (participants);
  • Golf tournament (teams);
  • Gala;
  • Book sale;
  • Musical event;
  • Fundraising dinner;
  • Awareness conference; 
  • Culinary challenge;
  • Lottery.

Depending on the type of fundraiser you are organizing, the structure and the registration process can differ. Do you need people to be able to register in teams for your event? Do you also need people to be able to register alone?

No matter what are your event’s technical requirements, Fundky offers 3 different campaign types that will certainly suit your events, whether they are collective, individual, small, large, instructive, etc.

You would like to organize a marathon? 

Registrations for this campaign need to be done individually or in teams: choose the campaign with teams & participants type.

You would like to collect donations to fund the reconstruction of a school?

Create a single donation page campaign and receive donations directly!

You would like to raise funds during a chess tournament? 

This event requires individual participants. Choose the campaign with single participants type.

What type of campaign is best for your event? 

  • Single donation page

A single donation page is a type of campaign that lets people donate to the cause directly. No one can register to the campaign. 

In this case, no involvement is needed from your community (except for financial involvement when it comes to donations). For example, this type of campaign could be used to raise funds for families affected by a natural disaster. There is no need to register but you can still participate with a donation.

Single donation page on Fundky

  • Campaign with single participants

A campaign with single participants allows your supporters to register individually as participants. Every participant has their own page where donors can contribute! Plus, every participant also has their own donation thermometer so you can see how much they have raised. This type of campaign is great to involve your community and raise more funds leveraging every participant’s network. 

You could choose this type of campaign for events like a marathon or an auction, where people usually participate alone.

Campaign with single participants on Fundky

  • Campaign with teams and participants

A campaign with teams and participants allows people to register as participants into teams. Every participant and every team has its own donation page where people can contribute directly (so you can give to a specific participant or to the whole team directly). Each team & participant have a donation thermometer that shows how much they’ve raised. If it fits your event structure, this type of campaign is great because you can use your participants’ networks to raise more funds, much faster!

All funds raised by the teams and participants are calculated in the campaign’s total amount raised.

Campaigns with teams and participants on Fundky

For this type of campaign, you could also let people register alone instead of them having to join a team or create their own. This means you would have single participants as well as participants divided into teams. For example, if you were organizing a clue hunt, some people might want to form search teams and some people might want to participate alone. With this campaign type, you could offer both registrations! 

What’s great about being able to choose between different campaign types?

Why complicate things when they can be simple?  

We created different campaign types simply to make your life easier. Choose the campaign type that best suits your fundraising event and involve your community to raise funds! The campaign type you will choose is tailored to your needs so you can focus on your #1 goal: raising as much funds as possible for your cause. 

If you would like even more info about Fundky’s different campaign types, read this article from our Help Center.




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