Case Study – 2021 Quebec Stream-o-thon

The 2021 Stream-o-thon

A dive into the impact of and on fundraising

About the Stream-o-thon

The Stream-o-thon is a marathon of live video broadcasting where streamers join forces to raise donations for one or more causes.

The Quebec 2021 Stream-o-thon took place from October 8 to 10, 2021 simultaneously at Lan JDL Parro Info in St-Apollinaire, at GRAND Lan Drummond in Drummondville and online on Fundky LIVE. For 48 hours, over 60 streamers from Quebec and around the world performed live to raise money for two charities: 

  • The Virtual Guardians Foundation : Their mission is to be a guide on the Internet for people in distress as well as to promote the responsible use of digital technology.
  • The Association québécoise de prévention du suicide (Quebec association for suicide prevention): Their mission is to mobilize all the players, support the communities, equip the workers, raise public awareness and influence decision-makers in order to prevent suicide.

Why a Stream-o-thon?

Charity streaming events have been trending for a few years now and are already well established in other countries. Take France’s Zevent for example, which raised over 10 million euros in 2021 only. Thanks to the growing influence of streamers, this new fundraising opportunity continues to grow in Canada and other countries, as proven by the Stream-o-thon.

Their Needs & Goals

→ Allow charities to easily raise donations online without any manual management (e.g., automatically send donation confirmation emails and donation receipts).

→ Provide participating streamers with a user-friendly platform, especially to create and manage their LIVE charity stream.

→ Provide streamers with a tool that allows them to interact with their community in real time through incentives like donation goals, voting, and more.

→ Give donors the opportunity to get involved and interact with streamers through, for example, a live chat and the Clan Fight voting tool.

→ Enable donors to make secure online donations quickly on a reliable platform.

The for a event

+60 streamers have created their charity streams on Fundky LIVE through the official event page.

• Charities could easily join Fundky: all donations were sent directly to them, and donation receipts were automatically issued to donors.

• The Fundky team created a custom page for the event to present the event and group all participating streams.

Each streamer was able to create their campaign on Fundky LIVE with ease. If needed, they were supported by the Fundky team and all other available resources (Help Center, YouTube how-to videos, and more!)

A solution designed for streamers

Streamers broadcast their content (video games, challenges, just chatting, etc.) from Twitch onto Fundky LIVE to receive donations.

Thanks to our built-in incentives and overlays, donors could witness the impact of their efforts in real time, like when a milestone was reached. Streamers could also track everything on their end simultaneously (or even in advance) through their event dashboard.

Several elements contributed to the Stream-o-thon’s success

• The streamers’ campaigns were easily created with Fundky LIVE. It only took them a few minutes to customize their page and share it with their community.

The quick and easy online donation process helped the charities raise over $73,500 – it’s almost 5 times more than last year!

• Many elements like incentives, stream overlays and live interaction with the audience helped to capture viewers’ attention, and thus raise more donations.

• The Fundky team collaborated closely with the charities, streamers and donors and offered support whenever needed.

During and after the event….

Beneficiary foundations : Foundations have access to the event information and can easily export it from their Fundky Connect account. This allows them to keep track of donations and send thank-you emails, for example.

Streamers : Simply stream! After setting up their page, streamers started streaming and broadcasting on Fundky LIVE. Their viewers could also make a donation on their page when they weren’t live.

Donors : All one had to do was go to the streamer’s Fundky LIVE page and make their donation. Most streamers would provide the link to donate in their stream chat so potential viewers/donors from all platforms had the donation link. After making their contribution, donors received their donation receipt by email.

Lan JDL Parro Info 2021

Streaming: a new communication trend

Streamers, whether they broadcast on Twitch, YouTube or any other platform, have a large, often young, loyal and very close community. They have become influencers who have a real impact on their audience. Whether it’s about their consumption, their hobbies or the way they get involved for causes, streamers are real celebs.

They are therefore great allies for your online fundraising campaigns!

“Special mention to the entire team for all the work that was done in preparation for the event to allow the 2021 Stream-O-Thon to have a customized platform that met our specific needs. Thank you for being there when the streamers arrived, and for helping everyone with patience and professionalism throughout the weekend.”

– Virtual Guardians Foundation     Source: official website

“[…] Thanks to the team on site! […] I am proud to see that online communities are getting stronger and stronger :)! It’s inspiring as an online worker for the Virtual Guardians and spokesperson for the “Centre de prévention du suicide de la vallée de l’or” to see that video games and the Web in general can be used as tools and not just cause issues!”

Son Off Odin, streamer & online worker for the Virtual Guardians Foundation

Over raised!

We are thrilled and feel very lucky to have hosted the 2021 Stream-o-thon on Fundky LIVE. What a great success for the Virtual Guardians Foundation and the Quebec Association for Suicide Prevention. We are confident to say that Fundky LIVE’s built-in incentives and overlays helped raise more donations this year!

The whole team is proud to have been able to play a part in this great event and help support suicide prevention, a cause that’s extremely important, especially through these times of pandemic where a lot of people feel more isolated than usual. 

– The Fundky Team

Relive the Stream-o-thon

What streamers thought of the event

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the Lan JDL Parro Info Stream-o-thon

Lan JDL is a non-profit organization that organizes an annual gaming event that gathers streamers and gaming enthusiasts.

The Stream-o-thon was born within the Lan JDL event: every year, the charity marathon brings together various communities that are present on the different live broadcasting platforms (like Twitch and YouTube) and mobilizes them to participate in a major fundraiser.

Main partner of the 2021 edition: Parro Info.

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