About Us

About Us

Fundky platform is a product
made with a

We started Fundky Platform after 20 years of developing fundraising pages and crowdfunding platforms. We saw our clients using so many tools from so many different providers ( ticket selling, donation forms, etc ). The issue was to link all those data to one CRM. The consolidation in their global system was so complex that they even needed to hire a technical person to help them.

We decided to create Fundky platform: a tool that aims to provide a better and easier experience for our clients as well as to provide us the gratitude to do so. We used our experience to start fresh with a platform that can give all the flexibility and autonomy an organization needs. All of this, at a low cost.


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Fundky Separator

, you are not tied up to our system.
There are no contracts,

Made For Our Clients

We wanted to give more flexibility and autonomy to our clients. No need to hire a technical person in your organization, you can easily do it all by yourself. You have control over your platform because it’s simply yours.

Building a New Structure

We needed a structure in which our imagination could grow. We decided to go crazy and to start a new platform from scratch.

More than hundreds of pages of Statement of Work based on our experiences – the bad ones and the good ones.

The Name

It took us months to find that name. Try to find a name with “fund” that hasn’t been taken yet. Believe us… it’s more difficult than you think.
And frankly, who doesn’t love the funk?

Our Vision

Develop the most versatile product regarding online fundraising tools that answers the growing needs of the clientele and the market.

Our Mission

Create the most flexible and compatible online
fundraising tools that respond to the specific and evolutionary needs of our customers.

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