How to make your online fundraiser more attractive with pictures and videos

Ajoutez des images et des vidéos dans votre campagne Fundky

Now that social networks are an integral part of our lives, organizations must adapt the way they communicate with their community. Creating and delivering visual and interactive content on the web is easier than ever!

These new digital ways of interacting make us feel closer to each other; and this, regardless of our location in the world or the social distancing that separates us! 💞

Photos and videos are great tools for communicating more humanely with your donors. They transmit emotion effectively, which can help you raise awareness of your cause.

You were waiting for them … here they are!

Drum rolls… .🥁🥁🥁

Whether in the description of a campaign or in a participant’s note, it is possible to add videos and images to your Fundky platform!

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Why add media in my description?

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. 👀

We live in a world where information is transmitted very quickly and constantly! So, it’s essential that your information is clear, effective and captivating.

Video and images are good ways to transmit your message while keeping the interest of the user.

An image or a video allows information to reach the user’s brain faster and easier, while making them experience strong emotions faster than with words.

For example, it’s better to prioritize a beautiful image and graphics rather than a series of numbers, which may be difficult for the reader to understand.


Pages that contain a video are shared 40 times more! 😲

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This expression is well known and above all, true!

Indeed, according to several studies, 40% of people are more receptive to visual information rather than text.


How do I add my media?

Adding images and videos is done directly in your dashboard via a URL address. You can even put a link on your image! Thereby, by clicking on the image, the user is redirected to the URL address that you have defined.

➡ To learn how to add your videos, see this article. And to find out how to add your image, click here.

If your image is not linked to a URL to add it, no problem! Check out these articles on how to create a URL link for your image:

📍Add an image via Google Images

📍Add an image via Imgur

📍Add an image via WordPress


Examples of relevant videos and images

  • A presentation video of your campaign;
  • An image of the team organizing the campaign;
  • A video of testimonials from participants, donors, beneficiaries of the campaign, etc. ;
  • If your campaign is a marathon, add the race plan, pictures from previous years or partner logos;
  • A presentation video of you! Users are more sensitive when it comes to humanizing an event or a campaign.
  • Bring cheerfulness and sympathy with funny images, like GIFs for example.

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Some important notes:

  • Be careful to use images and videos for which you own the rights.

If not, you can still share the visual but don’t forget to mention the source!

  • Check that your image is of good quality.

Nothing is worse than seeing a blurry visual on a page where you don’t understand the information. We risk losing all the usefulness of the visual.


❓ If you have any questions about this feature, please feel free to contact us through the Fundky Help Center.


To your devices!




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