NEW – Manage and export members on the Fundky Platform

🥳.  Two new member features are now available on the Fundky Platform!

• You can now view and manage all your members in a single place

• Export your list of members in one click

About members on Fundky

With Fundky Connect, members who create an account have it all in one place: their campaign registrations, transactions (donations, tickets, etc.) and their personal information (address, email, name, etc.).

As a platform administrator, you now have access to all of your members’ information in a single place: you can easily see when your member has signed up, access all of their participations, transactions and more!

By grouping all member information in the Members section of your administration, you no longer need to search in each campaign to find what you’re looking for. Handy, isn’t it? 😏

Export your members’ data

In one click, the system generates a CSV report that contains all your members’ information: full name, home address, corporate address, etc. To learn how to export member data, please see this article.

Exporting data gives you the possibility to have your members’ contact information if, for example, you want to thank them by sending a newsletter via an external tool.

To learn more about the Members section and its features, check out this section of our Help Center.




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