Monthly donations have arrived on the Fundky Platform!


This moment has been eagerly awaited. 

No need to jump through hoops: monthly donations are available NOW on the Fundky Platform!


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If 2021 has brought its share of challenges to the philanthropic world (and, above all, a need to transform!), at Fundky, we have seized the opportunity to develop new features that are much needed, especially in these times of pandemic. 

But for now, let’s focus on what we are interested in today: monthly giving on the Fundky Platform!


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1. What is a monthly donation?

2. Who can use them, and how?

3.  Why should I offer monthly giving on my Platform?

4.  All about monthly giving in 7 key points



What is a monthly donation?

A monthly donation is a recurring donation, meaning that it is made at regular time periods. As the name implies, a monthly donation is made every month; on the Fundky Platform, donors can choose to make their payment on either the 1st or the 15th of each month. 

Monthly giving on Fundky is also automatic:  the donation amount will be withdrawn by the system automatically on the chosen date. 



Who can use monthly giving, and how?

All organizations with a Fundky Platform can offer the monthly giving option to their community! 

Learn how to activate monthly donations → 

On the Fundky Platform, monthly donations are available for all types of organizations, whether you are a business, a registered foundation or a non-profit organization. 

The only difference is that CRA-approved organizations can also issue donation receipts for monthly donations! In this case, an official receipt is automatically emailed to all monthly donors just before tax time. 

More about issuing receipts for monthly donations → 



Why should I offer monthly giving on my Platform? 

Monthly donations are THAT important to your cause! 

Not only do they guarantee you a steady income, they are also very beneficial for your donors. 


They’re quick and super easy

Making a monthly donation on Fundky only takes a few seconds!

In just 3 steps, add your donation information, your personal information and your payment information. Once the donation is confirmed, the amount will be debited automatically at the chosen time. 


100% automated

Once a monthly donation is scheduled, everything is done automatically! The donation will be debited automatically each month, and the money will be sent directly to the organization. 

Offering automated recurring donations not only means less management for your organization, but also for your donors!


Strengthen commitment to the cause

One-time donations are often triggered by an emotion: after seeing a post on social media, hearing someone close to you talk about the cause, during a fundraiser or an event… 

That’s where monthly donations come into play: they are an excellent entry point while emotions are high, but allow for a lasting and reliable commitment to your cause. 


Identify your long-time supporters

With monthly giving, you can also identify donors in your community who are very involved with your cause and highlight their commitment. 

For example, if you have a loyalty program, special communications or events to recognize the involvement of donors, your monthly contributors are a great place to start. 



All about Monthly giving on the Fundky Platform in 7 key points

Monthly donations are available to all organizations that own a Fundky Platform, whether they are a business, a registered foundation or a non-profit organization.

2  Monthly giving is available for FREE! No matter what your plan is, request this feature and you’ll be served.

3  Donors can choose to donate on the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month.

4  For organizations registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, a donation receipt for the total value of donations for the year is emailed to donors automatically just before tax time. 

5  For Fundky administrators, monthly donations are easy to manage as they are all clearly identified. Monthly donations are all related to the same parent contribution. They are also clearly identified in the transaction report. 

6  Monthly donors have access to all their receipts and information in their Fundky Connect account. They can see when a payment has been made.

7  If necessary, a monthly donation can be stopped manually by an organization’s administrator. 


✅  Want to hop on the monthly donation train? Contact our team!

Want to learn more about monthly giving on Fundky?
Check out the Monthly donations section of our Help Center.




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