Third-party guidelines: leading your community to benefit your cause

Les directives des tierces parties

Third-party guidelines let you communicate your organization’s standards regarding fundraising campaigns created by your members,  while giving tips and fundraising advice to your community.

What are third-party guidelines?

Your community would like to help you raise funds for your cause? That’s great! Now, it’s your turn to help them better understand who you are as an organization and provide them with the right tools to make their fundraising campaigns a success! By giving out more information on your organization, you help your community to promote and fund your cause more efficiently.

On Fundky, this includes writing your third-party guidelines: you simply need to complete the page provided for this purpose in your page’s settings. 



Why should your organization provide guidelines?

Your guidelines allow your organization to give a first impression give a first impression of itself to everyone who might want to get involved with your cause. And who better to talk about your organization than yourself?

Your third parties want to join forces with youguide them in order to achieve the best fundraising campaign possible for your cause! Third-party guidelines are not mandatory, however we highly recommend that you add them to lead your community and support their fundraising efforts. Every person that creates a campaign on your Fundky website will need to read your guidelines in order to submit their campaign.

What should you include in your guidelines?

  • Your norms, terms and conditions;
  • Tips to raise more funds;
  • Information on your organization; 
  • Your acknowledgments, thank you’s, etc.;
  • Links to promotional marketing material (logo, posters, etc.);
  • Links to your social media profiles and website;
  • Motivational words, encouragements;
  • And more!

Your third-party guidelines appear in different ways on your platform:

  • As a whole page accessible from your site’s footer, in Third-party guidelines:

  • As a checkbox during the creation of a campaign. Your third parties must confirm they have read and accept your guidelines to submit their campaign. By clicking on organization’s guidelines, a pop up appears and shows your guidelines:


Where to start? Here are some examples you can base yourself off of to write your own guidelines:

  • The organization does not tolerate violence of any form (verbal and physical depending on the event)
  • Don’t forget to share your campaign on social media and tag us when you do! Our Facebook page: 
  • To learn more about our organization and our mission, visit
  • Thank you for your involvement!
  • Quick tip to raise as much funds as possible: add your description in multiple languages to reach as many people as you can.

If you would like to allow third parties to create fundraising campaigns for your organization directly on you Fundky platform, read this article about third-party involvement. 

And of course, do not forget to let your supporters know that they can create campaigns directly on your website by making a post on your social media profiles or sending a newsletter, for example! 

To learn how to create your third-party guidelines, read this article from our Help Center

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