How to optimize your donation conversion rate using saved addresses

Enregistrez vos adresses avec Fundky

They say patience is a virtue, and oh boy, is it true! The majority of Internet users simply expect their browsing experience to be quick and simple. But how does that translate for organizations?

On a website, a donation or registration process that is too long or too complex might not only frustrate your donors, but even push them to abandon their action.

To offer your supporters a faster and more pleasant online experience, Fundky lets your members save their addresses directly in their account!

How does it work?

Every member that has a Fundky account can save 2 types of addresses:

A personal address

The personal address is the member’s home address. It allows them to donate as an individual.

A corporate address

The corporate address is the member’s company’s address. It allows them to donate as their company (a corporate donation).


You can add multiple details for each address:

  • The full address (number & street, apartment, unit, etc.)
  • The postal code
  • The province/territory/state
  • The country
  • The phone number + the extension, if needed
  • The company name and the title of the contact person (only available for the corporate address)


What makes it fast?

Already tired of reading the list above? 😅 Well now, you don’t have to write all of this information again and  again… every time you make a donation!

During the donation process, you simply need 1 click to select the saved address associated to the donation. Magic! ✨


Adresse enregistrée lors du processus de don


What makes this great

For donors, this feature not only allows a faster donation and registration process, but it also prevents the user from getting tired! No need to re-re-re-write the same contact details every time you make a donation (no matter what site of the Fundky network you’re on). 

And don’t worry: only the designated people who really need your complete address in order to create specific documents, such as official donation receipts, can access your information. Everybody else is a no go.

For organizations, there are lots of advantages!

By providing a quicker donation process, you get a higher donation conversion rate (which means more money for your cause!) AND you are gathering the most up-to-date contact info from your donors without having to reach out or go through a ton of old documents. Yes, all the information is automatically updated!

For example, if a Fundky member changes the information associated to their home address, their modifications are automatically updated in the Members section of your administration interface.

Let’s sum up why saved addresses are just great:

  • No need to contact your members to find their information anymore: everything is automatically updated both on your side and theirs;
  • No more losing time searching for your donors information;
  • You lose way less time updating your donors information;
  • The risk of error is practically non-existent since your members add their contact information themselves.

And what if you need to edit the information associated to a donation?

You can still do it! The information associated to a donation, such as the amount or the recipient, are not linked to the address. 

For example, if a donor previously made a donation using an old address and they ask you to update this address, you can still make the changes on the donation directly.



For more information on adding, editing or deleting a saved address, see the following resources from our Help Center:




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