Sell tickets on the Fundky Platform


You can now buy and sell tickets on the Fundky Platform! 🎟


You’ve been waiting for this moment. It’s finally here! 🤩

You can already sell tickets for your video events on Fundky LIVE; now you can also host events that require a ticket purchase on the Fundky Platform! 

Whether your events are virtual or in person, tickets facilitate event management and are super easy to set up.

On Fundky, the Tickets plugin is accessible for free on all platforms.


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Ticket sales on the Fundky Platform: how does it work?

This new feature allows you to offer multiple tickets for sale on your event page. Users simply click on the Buy Ticket button to select the ticket(s) they want. They can then complete the usual transaction process.

A confirmation email is then sent to users summarizing their order!

Tickets are very practical because they can help you pay for your event, for example.


How is an event different from a regular campaign?

There are a few differences between a regular donation campaign and an event on the Fundky Platform:

1- The look of the page

On a ticketed event page, the main button prompts users to purchase a ticket. The thermometer is also located under the banner rather than in the left column. 

2- How it works

For a ticketed event, you can choose to keep a charitable aspect to your campaign (or not). For example, your tickets can include a donation amount and an advantage amount.  You can also choose to sell tickets with 100% of the price being a donation; or inversely, you can choose to sell tickets with no donation amount at all. 

In the case where your tickets do not include a donation portion, you can still offer the option for users to contribute using the DONATE button, which can also be seen on the event page. This is a great way to give people the opportunity to contribute without necessarily participating in your event. 

3- Paid registration

Would you like buyers to have their own fundraising page too? If you want to allow people in your community to register for the event and have a page unique to their profile, it’s possible to link the ticket purchase to a registration. 

On the Fundky Platform, we call this a “paid registration”. In this case, when a user purchases a ticket, a personal fundraising page will be created at the same time. You can also determine the registration parameters, i.e. whether the event allows for teams or only single participants. 


How to create an event with ticket sales?

Simply create a campaign as you normally would, and indicate Yes to the Are you selling tickets? box. Your campaign will automatically be recognized as an event, and you can add and set up your tickets afterwards!

Visit our Help Center to learn more about creating an event with tickets.


How can I sell tickets on my platform?

Ticket sales are available free of charge to all members who have a Fundky Platform. All you need to do is activate the Tickets plugin on the platform! 

To check if the plugin is already installed on your platform, log in and access the Plugins section of the administration (you must be an administrator to access this section). If the plugin is not there, you need to add it. To do so, contact our team. 🙂

Do not own a Fundky Platform yet? Contact us now!


All about tickets in 10 key points

1. To sell tickets, the Tickets plugin must be installed on your platform.

2. Each ticket is unique: you can give it a title, a price, a maximum number available for sale, a description, and more!

3. A ticket can be linked to a paid registration: in this case, when a user buys a ticket, a team or participant page will be created for them to participate in the campaign. 

4. You can set a maximum number of tickets to sell for the whole campaign, and a maximum number of available tickets per ticket.

5. You can separate the ticket price into a donation part and an advantage part. You can also put 100% of the price as a donation, or 100% of the price as an advantage to sell a ticket without a donation.

6. If your tickets have a donation portion, you can issue donation receipts for ticket sales.

7. You can create an unlimited number of tickets.

8. In the case of an in-person event, you can validate the tickets on your platform via the Attendees section of the administration.

9. You can export the list of transactions with tickets.

10. You can add a personalized message in the ticket purchase confirmation email.


To learn more about ticket sales on the Fundky Platform, visit our Help Center. Our team has written several articles to help you! 🤓 

Happy selling! 🎟

Do you have other questions? Contact our team, we are always happy to assist!




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