10 original ideas for your charity stream

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What is a charity stream?

A charity stream is a fundraising event that is broadcasted live online. During a charity stream, an audience is usually present and can interact in several ways with the stream and streamer, whether by making a donation or leaving a comment for example.

Create your event online via Twitch or Youtube Live, stream it on Fundky LIVE and ask your audience to donate!

10 original ideas for your charity stream

It can sometimes be difficult to know what type of fundraising event to create to attract a lot of people – and thus collect as many donations as possible. So we’ve put together a few ideas to inspire you!

#1 – A live educational course

Stream different types of live courses so people can learn and participate. 

     #1.1 – A sports course 🧘

Stream your workout live from your living room! Whether it’s yoga, meditation or even cardio, offer a class that’s adapted to your audience.

     #1.2 – A drawing lesson 🎨

Broadcast a drawing lesson featuring a drawing teacher and their work table! Multiple cameras can be placed to offer different shots, such as the top of the drawing table and the presenter from the front. This way, viewers can follow the course in a much more interesting and interactive way.

     #1.3 – A cooking class 👩‍🍳

Making cookies for a good cause? Oh yeah! Like the drawing lesson, you can place two cameras: one above the work surface and the other facing the cook. You can also provide tips to your audience, and even insert texts in the video so viewers can follow the recipe!

     #1.4 – A makeup class or tutorial 💄

A makeup class can be an original way to offer educational content on a specific theme to raise funds. You could use a model or do a tutorial on yourself!

You can give professional tips by filming yourself in front of a mirror. You could also use the camera’s feedback on your computer to see yourself do your makeup.


#2 – A live artistic performance

A performance is always an effective way to entertain your audience and raise funds for a good cause. 

     #2.1 – A concert or musical performance 🎤

Organize your equipment for the best performance! Whether you are a solo singer or a band, anything is possible with the right equipment. 

     #2.2 – A dance show 💃

Whether it’s in your bedroom, living room or dance room, express yourself! You can also add multiple cameras to offer different viewing angles to the audience. 

     #2.3 – A comedy show 🤣

Take the stage or let your favourite comedian do so to make your audience laugh and have a good time! Remember to set up the microphone or computer sound beforehand, and have fun!

     #2.4 – Reading children’s stories 📖

Create a warm and cocooning-type place to offer a relaxing atmosphere to your young spectators. Story time is very popular with toddlers and you can make the parents vote for the story that they want!


#3 – Online gaming

Play your favourite video games online! This is probably the most popular content on Twitch.

     #3.1 – Online video games 🎮

Get ready, plug in your camera, log in to Fundky LIVE and start streaming. We recommend you to add incentives, questions and challenges to your stream to add some interaction options to your audience. 

     #3.2 – A bingo 🎱

Because yes, bingos are always popular! So why not bring them online?

Live stream the events or video games you want on Fundky LIVE!

Anything is possible on Fundky LIVE! 🖥 You can play, dance, talk, cook or event present live and collect donations at the same time.

Let your imagination run wild to create the best live fundraising event!

Plus, you can add donation incentives – interactive elements that will entice viewers to donate. Thus, depending on the donations received, you can give yourself challenges to increase the attractiveness of your event and get your audience to vote.

Tip to collect more donations: involve your audience! Put your viewers forward by asking them questions that can be answered in the live chat.

Happy charity streaming!


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