Universal Crowd Control on Fundky LIVE : engaging viewers for a lively and lucrative fundraiser


Live fundraising is one of the best ways to reach new supporters online. This approach is very flexible and allows for all kinds of interactive eventsand in the virtual world, the possibilities are almost endless! With Crowd Control, it is possible to engage with your donors and your audience in a unique way that is completely different from traditional fundraising.


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The concept of Crowd Control 

Crowd Control is a feature that allows your donors to interact with you live by sending action items during your broadcast.

By donating to your LIVE, donors automatically receive points in their account that they can then redeem for actions or other items that will be sent directly into your stream. Whether it’s helping you or not, this real-time interaction creates a connection with your viewers and promises a whole lot of fun!

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Universal Crowd Control on Fundky LIVE

On Fundky LIVE, there are two types of Crowd Control:

Minecraft Crowd Control 

This type of Crowd Control allows you to link your stream on Fundky LIVE to your Minecraft server to connect your game with your donations. This way, your donors can truly impact your Minecraft game in real time! 

>> Learn more about Minecraft Crowd Control


Universal Crowd Control 

That’s the one we’re focusing on today! We looove it because it is HIGHLY customizable. This type of Crowd Control is open to all types of broadcasting: video game, show, just chatting, conference, cooking and so on!


How does Universal Crowd Control work ?

Universal Crowd Control works the same way as Minecraft Crowd Control does: when configuring it, you just have to customize the actions you want to make available and define the associated points. The only difference with Minecraft CC is that UCC is not linked to any game or server in any way. That’s why we say it is “Universal” : it works with any kind of broadcast!


When a donor uses their points and sends an action, the streamer will be notified in real time via their Fundky LIVE event dashboard. The streamer can then simply perform the action sent! 

To make a broadcast even more interactive, we strongly recommend enabling Crowd Control alerts using the Crowd Control Widget. They allow you to display the actions sent to you by donors live on screen. Instead of only letting the streamer see which actions are sent by donors through the admin’s event dashboard, public alerts allow viewers to see them in real time too! These alerts will generate even more interaction with the people watching you. 

If you ask us, the Crowd Control feature and alerts go hand in hand ! 



When setting up the Crowd Control Widget, you can define a certain amount of time before the alert is publicly displayed on your LIVE stream. This way, you can be informed in advance of actions that are sent to you! Learn more (see Alert delay)


Universal Crowd Control : use cases & ideas

Here are many ways you can use the Universal Crowd Control feature. For three types of streams, we give you some examples of actions you could define!


For a gaming charity stream

  • 100 points : a player must put down the controller for 10 seconds
  • 200 points : a player must play with his controller upside down for 30 seconds
  • 500 points : a player has to play with his eyes closed for 20 seconds


For a live show

  • 150 points : the singer must sing a cappella
  • 300 points : the bass player must play blindfolded
  • 600 points : the guitarist has to do an epic solo


For a just chatting stream

  • 150 points : the streamer must tell an embarrassing story
  • 300 points :  the streamer has to sing Céline Dion for 30 seconds
  • 600 points : the streamer must disguise themselves as a banana



8 key points about Universal Crowd Control on Fundky LIVE

  1. Universal Crowd Control makes your live stream fun, interactive and it greatly encourages donations (and entertainment!!!)
  2. It’s available for free on all streams, no matter if you use Twitch, YouTube or Zoom.
  3. Universal Crowd Control is easy to set up and is fully customizable (actions and points).
  4. You can activate it by stream. So you can have several different charity streams and use Universal Crowd Control at the same time on each of them, with different options.
  5. You can display the actions sent to your stream in real time with Crowd Control alerts! (Crowd Control Widget overlay) Learn how to set them up
  6. All Crowd Control points are automatically accumulated in the donors’ Fundky Connect account.
  7. Earned Crowd Control points are valid per stream. This means that donors can be active on two different streams using UCC at the same time and keep their respective points.
  8. Points collected never expire!



Find other Fundky resources about Crowd Control :




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