TOP 5 reasons why your nonprofit organization should start charity streaming

To keep donor interest and thus raise more funds, organizations need to find new ways to solicit donors. Online fundraising campaigns are a great way for organizations to stay close to their donors while continuing to raise funds.

Fundky LIVE is our new solution that brings streamers and charities together to raise funds LIVE online!


Top 5 reasons your organization should try livestream fundraising

We’ve selected for you 5 important reasons why you should try doing a charity stream or start working with streamers.


#1 – Grow your community

Diversifying your communication channels is an excellent way to broaden your community, and therefore get more potential donors. By using live streaming as a fundraising tactic, you can reach a totally new audience!


#2 – Rejuvenate your nonprofit’s community

Being present in the streaming world will allow you to reach a new generation of donors. These younger donors are often very committed and aware of the problems of our society.

This online community of younger people is also very large and is not fixed to a certain geographic location. And who says a larger community, says more potential donations to help your cause! 🙂 And with the reach that social networks have nowadays, it’s just one more opportunity to introduce your cause to new people


#3 – Maintain close contact and interact with your donors and volunteers

It is very important to stay close to your organization’s community. In a digitalized era like ours (and even more so today with the pandemic that forces us to review our ways of communicating), staying in touch with your community is more than essential. With streaming on Fundky LIVE, you can offer video content with incentives such as votes and challenges, and interact with your audience via live chat.


#4 – Increase donation flow easily and quickly

Online and live videos are instant communication tools. They allow viewers to comment, react and experience live emotions with you! With Fundky LIVE, it is as quick and easy for viewers to make a donation as they would make a comment.


It’s also important to note that users are more likely to donate to someone they know or admire than to a general organization. This is an opportunity to partner with someone committed to your field or to put forward members of your organization!


#5 – Fundky LIVE is a future-proof solution!

Essential during the pandemic and just as relevant thereafter, Fundky LIVE is a modern way to collect donations and keep an active calendar of events (when almost everything is cancelled!) You can create your own live streaming events for your organization, team up with streamers or simply let streamers choose your organization when they’re about to create a charity stream on Funky LIVE.


👉 Add your cause to the Fundky LIVE community to let streamers raise funds for you!

🔑 Are you new to streaming? Check out the Fundky LIVE charity stream toolkit to learn more!


To learn more about Fundky LIVE, read this article.




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