Simplified login with Fundky Connect

Fundky Connect

The Fundky network is home to various organization’s fundraising platforms.

You want to get involved with a cause you care about? You can in only a few clicks! By creating your Fundky account, you can become a member of an organization’s site and participate in a fundraising campaign for them. But what happens if you want to support multiple organizations?

With Fundky Connect, all the Fundky members can quickly log in on every platform of the Fundky network, using the same account.

The solution to a global issue

We all know how tiring it can be to fill out all of our information again and again when we register to a new website. We forget our password, we always need to enter the same info… the result: with a login process that is too long, we often get discouraged and end up leaving the site.  

Our goal is to help organizations build a strong community; to make this possible, the user experience must be smooth and efficient. From there, we started to develop Fundky Connect!

A single connection

A  bit like Facebook, which allows you to log in with your Facebook account on various websites, your Fundky account lets you join all the platforms of the Fundky network using the same login information. This way, you can support multiple causes using a single Fundky account!

Why this is great

  • Register in 1 click
    • Simply login to your account on the site, and you’re ready to go!
  • A fast & easy donation process
    • All your contact information is automatically filled in — just confirm it and complete your donation.
  • Find your donation receipts directly in your account
    • Download your receipts right from your Fundky account. No need to search in your emails anymore!
  • Register your addresses
    • Save your personal and corporate addresses in your Fundky account for a fast donation and registration process.

All your information in one place

Your Fundky account is where you can find everything about your Fundky profile: your participations to campaigns, the campaigns you manage, your donations and even your donation receipts. With Fundky Connect, find all of this information under one roof for a much simpler experience!



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