Charity live stream: creating an interactive event to maximize donations


Live charity event, live fundraiser, charity stream… whatever you want to call it, broadcasting live content to benefit a cause is a trend that has become much more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic. With all face-to-face events cancelled, charities quickly had to turn to digital solutions to continue their fundraising.


At Fundky LIVE, we know how to create the best charity stream to raise the most donations: create interaction!


Live broadcasting has an advantage over scheduled broadcasting: it is spontaneous. It really allows the audience to experience a moment with the people involved in the broadcast. Fundky LIVE provides you with several fun tools to create interaction with your audience and make your live stream even more memorable!

Learn about the different types of incentives that will get your community to interact – and help you raise more donations!


Incentives on Fundky LIVE

We strongly recommend that you add incentives to your LIVE campaign to maximize not only its potential for impact, but also for fun!


You can add several types of incentives that will make your future donors want to support you and the cause:

Clan fight | Custom question

The clan fight is a personalized question posted on your LIVE campaign page that your viewer can answer. The twist: to vote, you have to make a donation! We suggest you choose a question that generates some debate to encourage people to take sides and vote… and therefore donate. 🙂

Clan fight

The clan fight allows your donors to compete (always in a friendly way!) and creates interaction between them. They can also debate the winning option in the live chat! 

  • You can add as many answer choices as you want
  • You can change the question and answer choices at any time during your LIVE
  • You can choose the icon that best represents each answer choice from our extensive gallery of options!



Incentives are milestones, or challenges, that are tied to the amount raised during a broadcast. These milestones can represent actions that the streamer will need to complete based on the amount of donations raised. 



Here are some incentive ideas for a live sports challenge :

  • $500: I jump on the spot on one foot for 5 minutes
  • $1,000: I do my challenge with my unicorn costume
  • $1,500: I sing a Celine Dion song
  • $2,000: I finish the challenge in the middle of the park


Incentives are a great way to get your audience to donate to increase your thermometer and force you to complete the challenges listed… live! They make for some funny situations and get a lot of engagement, whether it’s via live chat or a donation to the cause. 


The incentives are also displayed above your stream on the donation thermometer. 


💡 Tip: Give your incentives a short, specific title so that it’s easily visible in the donation thermometer. Also, since most people access the broadcast with their mobile device, summarizing the name of the incentives help maximize space and make it easier to read for users. 


Live chat 

What’s better than a good old fashioned live chat to stimulate conversation?

Honestly, not much!

It is the tool of choice to allow your audience to exchange with each other and with you.

The live chat box on your LIVE campaign page is managed by the tool used to broadcast your charity stream (example: Twitch or YouTube). You can therefore modify the settings of your chat within this external tool.


When enabled, the chat appears to the right of your live broadcast on Fundky LIVE.

Live chat


Donation alerts

Make your donors shine on screen! Fundky LIVE has implemented donation alerts that appear on screen in real time when a donation is made to your charity stream.

In the example below, user peri donated $50 to Breakfast Club Canada via MsSekky’s The Fluffle Squad Brickfest charity stream.

Donation alert

In addition to adding an interactive and spontaneous aspect to your stream, donation alerts allow you, as a streamer or host, to thank donors in real time. It’s always nice to be thanked “in person”! 

This proximity really helps to create a connection between the streamer and the audience.

Donation alerts are also highly customizable. To learn more about donation alerts, read this article.


Minecraft crowd control (exclusive to Fundky LIVE in Canada!)

Crowd what ? 

Crowd control literally means that the crowd takes control. This implies that the crowd, or the people watching your LIVE in our case, can impact the course of your broadcast in real time.

Crowd control is mostly used in video games, as real items or foes can be sent to the player in real time. A real fun game, guaranteed. 😉

The twist: to be able to influence the game, the audience must accumulate points. These points are accumulated according to the money donated to the charity stream. That means, the more you donate, the more points you get! 


Fundky LIVE currently offers Minecraft crowd control. To learn more about this feature, please refer to this article.



Your LIVE charity stream description

The description of your stream itself is a nice incentive to give. No matter when a viewer joins the live stream, they can refer to the description to better understand the context of your event. 

In order for your audience to understand the purpose of your charity stream, write a nice, complete and accurate description. You can include, for example, links to your website for more information or the purpose and beneficiary of your donations.



The list of donors

When a donation is made, the donor’s information will be visible on the campaign page (if desired). The name, donation amount, vote in the clan battle and personal message will appear publicly. This will allow the streamer to see and thank their donors live.

We always advise streamers to make a first donation to the campaign to get the ball rolling and encourage others to do the same. It’s a bit the same principle with the list of donors displayed on your LIVE page: the more donations there are, the more likely a viewer will be to do the same and give to the cause.

List of donors

Donors who wish to make a donation more discreetly have the option of anonymizing their donation to avoid having it displayed publicly. 


And lastly, the interaction you create yourself during your LIVE!

Depending on the nature of your live event, if you can, talk, act, interact with your audience to create a sense of closeness, do so!

People chose to listen to you because they are interested in you, so bring them along with you in your adventure!


Happy live streaming, and most importantly, have fun!!! 🙂



En tant que coordonnatrice marketing digital chez Fundky, j'oriente nos clients, qu'ils soient des entreprises ou des organismes, dans une démarche numérique afin qu'ils réalisent leurs objectifs. || As digital marketing coordinator at Fundky, I direct our clients whether they are businesses or nonprofits, in a digital approach so that they achieve their goals.