NEW! Sell tickets for virtual events on Fundky LIVE

Do you want to organize a private, paid virtual event? With Fundky LIVE, it’s possible!


Whether it’s a conference with speakers, a comedy show or even a play, you can now broadcast a paid event on Fundky LIVE.

It will only be accessible to people who have purchased their ticket on the platform.


What is paid access?

Paid access allows you to add tickets to your LIVE campaign and sell them so only viewers who have purchased a ticket can access your stream. This way, only people who have paid for access will be able to see your video. It’s just like buying a ticket to a show: you can’t get in if you don’t have a ticket! 

You can use paid access for any type of virtual event that requires a ticket to attend. You could sell tickets for a stream scheduled for later so people can purchase their place before the event. You could also sell tickets for a LIVE event; in this case, the viewer automatically gets access to the LIVE broadcast once they’ve purchased their ticket.


How does it work once I have my ticket?

When someone buys their ticket to access your LIVE campaign, they will be notified upon confirmation of payment that access to your LIVE is now unlocked. The person will automatically see the broadcast!

If the campaign is scheduled for later, it’s just like a curtain on the stage: just show up when the curtain goes up. For example, if the stream is scheduled for May 1st at 10:00 AM, the broadcast will automatically start at 10:00 AM for those who have purchased their tickets. People who have already paid for their tickets can simply return to your page and log into their Fundky Connect account. They will have direct access to the LIVE stream!

This way, you ensure that only people who have paid have access. Access is linked to the buyer’s Fundky account (i.e. email address).


Activate paid access for your LIVE stream

Ticket sales can be activated very quickly and easily. Once your LIVE campaign is created, you simply have to activate paid access in your administration, and to link a Stripe account. To learn more about enabling paid access on your LIVE campaign, check out this Help Center article.


The advantage of Stripe is that you can choose who will receive the money raised from ticket sales. When you create a traditional LIVE charity stream, you choose the charity that will benefit from your event and then all donations are sent directly to that charity. With tickets, however, you have the ability to choose the account that will receive the money. 

Even if you sell tickets, the DONATE button will still be present on your LIVE campaign page. So even if someone doesn’t necessarily want to attend your event, they can still make a donation. Or do both! 🙂



Learn more and get inspired! 💡

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