Hybrid events: combining virtual and in-person to boost event success

Nowadays, it’s important to rethink the ways we organize events!

Whether it’s because of a pandemic or simply because of distance, it is increasingly common for people to be unable to attend a physical event. It’s therefore important to diversify the channels through which your event is distributed.


All you need is a good Internet connection and a bit of preparation! 🤗


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What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is an event that is both physical and virtual, meaning that it will take place in a given location and, in parallel, on the Internet via a live broadcast. The public can therefore participate in person or online via their computer, phone or tablet. C’est comme un Téléthon, mais au lieu de le regarder sur le câble, les gens peuvent le regarder sur leur ordinateur!

A great thing about a hybrid event is that even if some people can’t make it in person, they can still attend virtually. 



Six reasons to go for hybrid events


  1. Broaden your audience

Whether by choice or not, some people will not always be able to attend a physical event (due to geographic distance, scheduling conflicts, etc.). 

A hybrid event is also an excellent way to reach people who live far away, in other countries for example.


  1. Make events more inclusive

It is rare that all guests invited to a physical event can and/or will actually show up. That’s the reality of any organization!

Allow everyone to be able to participate in the event, even from the comfort of their own home. 


  1. Save time, and money!

Offering an event online saves you time and money!

For example, if you are organizing a conference where most of the speakers are coming from another country, you don’t need to pay for airfare, hotel, transportation, meals, etc.

This also applies to the organization. If you have fewer participants at your event, there is less preparation, such as setting up or managing supplies.


  1. Protect the planet

If we reduce the use of transportation (airplane, delivery of food and supplies) and general consumption (food, electricity, etc.), we also save resources of our beautiful planet!


  1. Offer more variety for activities

When organizing a physical event, activities are usually easier to carry out because everyone is in front of each other. However, with today’s Internet, interactive activities are a great way to involve the participants of your event.

For example, at a conference, you can conduct online surveys, or at a corporate event, propose games to get the team involved. 


  1. Raise more money at charity events

When it comes to fundraising events, the hybrid aspect allows you to reach more people, and therefore raise more money!

Thanks to the Internet and online donation websites like Fundky LIVE, you can attend an event and make your donation at the same time… without ever leaving your couch!




Organizing a hybrid event with Fundky LIVE

With Fundky LIVE, you can broadcast your event LIVE via YouTube, Zoom or Twitch!

  • In-person aspect: organize your event as you usually would
  • Virtual aspect: create your event on a broadcast platform and add it to Fundky LIVE!

Once your event is scheduled, you can add incentives to personalize your page, engage your audience and raise as many donations as possible! 

When you’re ready, share your campaign. Now, it’s your time to shine!

If your event allows it, don’t forget to have your speakers take part in the discussion online. As we know, staying in front of your computer for several hours listening and watching people can become very long. It’s easy to lose interest! Make sure that everyone feels included and involved.


To learn how to create an event on Fundky LIVE in no time, check out our charity stream toolkit and visit our Help Center.




En tant que coordonnatrice marketing digital chez Fundky, j'oriente nos clients, qu'ils soient des entreprises ou des organismes, dans une démarche numérique afin qu'ils réalisent leurs objectifs. || As digital marketing coordinator at Fundky, I direct our clients whether they are businesses or nonprofits, in a digital approach so that they achieve their goals.