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Fundky Broadcast is an innovative and inspiring WhiteLabeled platform for social good and community philanthropy that applies itself to contemporary activity. 

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A platform

Fundky Broadcast is a next generation now social cause platform

Fundky Broadcast is meant to inspire change and social good through streaming activities for your broadcast community. Whether it’s Youtubing, Twitching or gaming your audience engagement can raise funds for social good with corporate involvement focused on the fundraiser or charity of choice.

Built for media and corporate social responsibility programs Fundky Broadcast is an enterprise fundraising solution that uses modern day technology to engage audiences where they interact. Streaming!

Gain reach

The Fundky Broadcast platform is built for media partner outreach and corporate initiatives that intertwine social outreach and social good initiatives in a way that’s multigenerational fun!

Broadcast reach can be both local and national with regional involvement and dispersion at your fingertips. Our enterprise system can easily handle global reach and central management

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