What is crowd control (video games)?


“Crowd control” is a term used by online video game players that means the “audience controls the game” : Crowd control gives your donors the ability to take control of your LIVE.

Often used, this term refers to characters or objects in an online game that are controlled by a third-party (the third-party being the donor on Fundky LIVE). Actions caused by the donor may or may not be beneficial to the player. That’s the beauty of crowd control: when you donate, you can really impact the game in real-time!

Crowd control refers to abilities that influence the actions of players. For example, when a donor contributes during a LIVE streaming event, they may decide to give the player a sword to defend themselves and win the game. On the contrary, the donor can also decide to send zombies to the player so they get attacked and lose lives.

Crowd control is very important because it has a vital role for the player: it can influence the course of the game. That’s why it’s interesting to use it to create imbalances between players and thus create more suspense in the game.

*On Fundky LIVE, donors will get points after they donate. They will be able to redeem those points by sending items into the games. These items can either help or interfere with the gamer. 😊

Example : $10 donation = 100 points. For 100 points, you can send Zombies to attack the player.  



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