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Customize your charity stream with donation alerts

On Fundky LIVE, you can add alerts that appear on-stream when someone donates to your LIVE campaign.   What’s a donation alert? A donation alert is a message that appears in-stream for a short period of time when someone makes a donation to your campaign. In the example above, we can see a donation alert…

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What is crowd control (video games)?

  “Crowd control” is a term used by online video game players that means the “audience controls the game” : Crowd control gives your donors the ability to take control of your LIVE. Often used, this term refers to characters or objects in an online game that are controlled by a third-party (the third-party being…

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10 original ideas for your charity stream

Discover our new solution that brings streamers and charities together: Fundky LIVE. ✨ What is a charity stream? A charity stream is a fundraising event that is broadcasted live online. During a charity stream, an audience is usually present and can interact in several ways with the stream and streamer, whether by making a donation…

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What is Fundky LIVE?

Discover our new solution that brings streamers and charities together: Fundky LIVE. ✨ What is Fundky LIVE? Fundky LIVE is an online fundraising tool that allows streamers to embed their Twitch or YouTube (for now!) livestream directly on Fundky LIVE to collect donations for a charity from the LIVE community.  Streamers, broadcast your event live…

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Fundky LIVE

Philanthropy: Fundky joins forces with consulting firm Épisode to enhance its service offering for organizations

The Fundky team is proud to announce an alliance with a new strategic partner: Épisode. A leader in its field, Épisode is a philanthropy consulting firm with an exceptionally strong team, some 10 experts with multidisciplinary training and recognized expertise. The alliance between Fundky and Épisode is the culmination of the two companies’ efforts to…

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New partners: Fundky and Épisode join forces

[French] Press Release: Épisode joins forces with Fundky to offer technological solutions to the philanthropic community

This content is only available in French.   Montréal, le 28 octobre 2019 — La firme d’experts-conseils en philanthropie Épisode est fière d’annoncer son alliance avec son nouveau partenaire technologique, Fundky. Cette alliance entre Épisode et Fundky s’inscrit dans l’objectif d’offrir des services technologiques personnalisés et abordables à toutes les organisations œuvrant dans le domaine philanthropique. …

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Épisode et Fundky: nouveau partenariat